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From the high speed machining center to the manual lathe, AGC uses of a comprehensive field of machining equipment to offer you the best pricing, fitting your needs of custom mechanical parts.

Working with us means : respect of materials, tolerances, constant surface treatment application, protective packaging of your parts and flexible delivery all over the world. In few words : simple and competitive one stop solution.

Precision machining technical expertise

  • To get your custom machined parts, trust the experience of an expert :
  • Support for selection of the best machining solution for your parts
  • Tolerances validation before launching machining
  • Quality control report provided by our quality technicians.

Machining solutions chart:

Equipment Detail Remarks
Lathe Parts in rotation, material removal with a cutting tool Turning is mainly used for machining of cylindrical parts
Bar-turning Automatic lathe fed directly by metal bars Used for revolution parts of limited dimensions, medium to big series only
Cutting machine Working with either tooling tool, wire, laser or water jet The choice of the equipment is made according to the material and the cutting edge aspect required
Electro-erosion (EDM) Material removal by electric discharge from an electrode in conductive liquid Can produce complex shapes, high precision and good surface aspect, however is rather slow, mostly used for tooling manufacturing and small series
Sharpener Machining of a cutting sharp edge on a flat part by grinding For cutting blades finishing
Manufacturing center Cutting tools in high rotational speed, remove material from a part There are numerous types of machining centers, 3 axes, 4 axes, 5 axes, high speed, chosen according to the complexity of the requested part.

Finishing and Surface treatments

– Different surface finishing are possible : sand blasting, tribo-finishing, brushing, shot-peening, polishing, mirror polishing

– We also offer solutions for surface treatment of machined parts, following material, customer needs and regulatory  requests (Rohs / Reach) : anodisation, zinc coating, chroming, painting, burnishing

Our quality guaranty

  • – Control report for each delivery
  • – Care given to possible quality issues of machining : dimensions within tolerances, surface finishing, chamfering, thread go/no go gauge control, deburring..
  • – Raw material upstream checks, traceability