Coils, inductances and transformers

We are providing custom coils and mode chokes that match your requirements in quality, aspect, norms and quantities. Our products range include all kinds of coper wire coils according your specifications. Manufacturing capabilities both includes manual and automatic winding machines.

You’ll find below some examples of coils and transformers, as supplied by AGC to its customers.

Toroidal copper coils and transformers available products

  Toroidal coils offer

AGC can provide a wide range of coils:

– Inductors
– Ferrite core mode chokes
– Nanocrystaline core mode chokes
– Power factor correction chokes
– Power inductors
– Spring coils
– Custom wire wound products
Remark : lead time is mostly related to the supply of cores, for generic ones lead time can be very short.

  Electronic transformers offer

– High voltage transformers
– Switch mode transformers
– Toroidal power transformers
– SMT power inductors (directly usable on automatic PCB assembly machines)
Remark : adaptable to UL, Rohs, Reach, CSA, VDE norms, design assistance is available

  Quality control equipment

– AC/DC withanding voltage tester
– Automatic transformer test system
– Impluse Winding Tester
– LCR meter

  Fast prototyping