What are the solution for manufacturing of plastic parts ?

According to your needs we offer 4 types of industrial solutions for manufacturing your plastic components:

Plastic parts manufacturing solution chart
Solution Which quantities? Advantages Inconvenients
Plastic injection From 500 parts Series unit price lower high tooling cost
Small quantity plastic injection From 30 pieces reasonable tooling and unit costs Limited tooling lifespan
Plastic machining From one part Flexible quantities, no tooling limited in shapes, high unit cost
3D printing From one part Quick no tooling High unit price, aspect and material strength inferior to other solutions

Why subcontract my plastic parts in China ?

  • -Low tooling cost
  • Large avaibility of raw materials
  • Flexibility and reactivity
  • High local competition :
  • +Expertise
  • +Competitiveness

Why AGC is the good supplier for my plastic components ?

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Quality guaranty
  • Technical support
  • Flexibiliy (from prototyping to large series, deliveries everywhere in the world)
  • One stop solution