[:en]Machining and plastic injection [:fr]Usinage et injection plastique

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¤ Q1. Why AGC for manufacturing parts in China? Manufacturing/purchasing support with AGC means working with one partner, located in China, who ensures your projects go as planned. AGC’s international team follows every step, from analyzing the technical drawings, production, quality control, and ensuring safe delivery to your overseas facilities.
¤ Q2. How can you help me with my project of purchasing technical parts ? AGC's long-term experience, network, and technical expertise allow us to act as your reliable manufacturing partner. Offering flexible solutions, AGC ensures your project is managed problem-free.
¤ Q3.What components can AGC Provide? AGC specializes in contract manufacturing of mechanical and plastic parts via our audited suppliers. This means we can manufacture a broad range of components for your needs. For more detailed information send us your request and we will offer you a solution.
¤ Q4. Does AGC have a Brochure? Yes, AGC does have a brochure. It’s available on our contact page for download or simply click the Brochure button here to immediately start the download.
¤ Q5. What are your lead times? Lead times vary depending on projects, difficulties, and complexity of the components; however, for a first order, you should expect a 30-day lead-time.
¤ Q6. When will I receive my quote? Depending on requirements and after all specifications are clear, quotes can be provided within 3 to 5 working days after AGC has successfully negotiated the most adequate price and selected the best-suited factory for your project.
¤ Q7. What are your delivery terms? Most factories delivery free on board (FOB); however, AGC organizes delivered at place (DAP) and delivered duty paid (DDP) shipment, which means we organize the pickup, packaging, transport, and customs clearances to your worldwide facilities.
¤ Q8. Where can I send my Request for quote (RFQ)? Feel free to send your request for a quotation via our online form in the contact tab with your drawings, specifications, and minimum order quantity (MOQ). We will get back to you shortly. If a temporary technical problem arises, you can also send your specifications and drawings to info.agcis.com.
¤ Q9. Are you a Chinese company? No, AGC is a Belgian company operationally based in Shanghai and Qingdao that successfully combines the best of both Chinese low cost manufacturing solutions and European quality management. We speak English, French, German, and Chinese for a better understanding of your project and its management.
¤ Q10.Can I visit AGC facilities? AGC welcomes customers to visit its operational office in Shanghai. Contact us directly to set up an appointment and we will schedule supplier visits according to your project needs. Pickup arrangements and other requirements can also be organized upon request.
¤ Q11. What industries does AGC specialize in? AGC is involved in most industries from automotive, railway, heavy machinery and equipment to electronics, aeronautics, and construction. However, AGC is not always aware of the final application and usage of products, so we cannot be sure in what industry the end product will eventually be used.
¤ Q12. What about my IP protection in China? Safeguarding confidential information and the signing of Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with customers and suppliers is a commune practice with AGC, allowing you to keep your mind at rest.
¤ Q13. Can you do prototypes? Yes, prototyping and sampling is possible with AGC. It’s usually a stage of our cooperation process.
¤ Q14. How do I save money with AGC? With over a decade of experience, AGC has access to exclusive suppliers, with exclusive price advantages. This allows us to offer our clients average saving from 20% to 50% on their requirements.
¤ Q15. Who are your clients? AGC works with a large number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) ensuring a smooth running of their overseas requirements, and also with larger companies, who lack the flexibility due tot their large structure. For more detailed information don’t hesitate to ask us and we will provide references.
¤ Q16. What kind of issues does AGC help me avoid when working with China? AGC allows you to avoid the entire supplier search and auditing process, avoid potential cultural miss-understandings, and business related issues that can occur. AGC provides you with competitive prices, flexible quantities, and conducts quality assessment reports, saving you considerable costs, time, and stress. It’s like having you own operational office, directly in China.

If you did not find the answer to your question, send us an email and we will answer as soon as possible.