Purchasing Support

With over 14 years of experience, AGC provides local purchasing support for your projects in China. Our Shanghai and Qingdao teams and our extensive experience in the Chinese market allow us to provide quality support when and where you need it.
Sourcing, audit, quality control, AGC supports you in your China projects, helping you to find the right supplier and successfully monitor the production, reducing time, effort, and unnecessary costs.

Choose Only What You Need


– Identification
– Evaluation
– Comparison
– Recommendations

Find the right supplier by relying on a partner who knows how to find and assess them. Sourcing with AGC helps you find suppliers who can meet your manufacturing requirements, giving you full control of the supply chain. AGC searches, evaluates, compares, and deducts which suppliers are well suited to meet your requirements.

The Sourcing report includes AGC recommendations to help you make the best choice and precautions to take into consideration.


– Company profile
– Capabilities & equipment
– Quality management
– Recommendations

Get a detailed supplier report as if you had visited the factory yourself.
The AGC supplier auditing solution allows you to make the right choice followed to a detailed report and background check of the factory, ensuring equipment, facilities, and administrative documents are compliant. An AGC-qualified auditor carries out each AGC audit on-site; afterward, an inspection report is forwarded to you with photos and outcomes within 24 to 48 hours.


– Sample inspection (SI)
– During production inspection (DPI)
– Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)
– Urgent QC interventions

Protect yourself from bad surprises. AGC’s quality control solutions ensure the conformity of your production.
Our team of quality control staff intervenes upon request, before sampling, during production, or prior to shipment. AGC allows you to securely check, intercept, and respond to potential breaches to ensure your supply chain doesn’t come to a halt.
Working with AGC QC’s, is working with Qc’s experienced in mechanical components.