Plastic parts machining

What are the limits to plastic machining ?

Plastic is material relatively easy to work, machining is done on multi-axis, high speed machining centers, parts are quickly and made with precision with tight tolerances.

Contrary to plastic injection, machining of plastic does not requires draft angles and does not implie shrinking of material. So there is less risk of deformation.

Threads may be directly machined on the parts without having to add inserts.

Machinable plastics

Most of the plastics available in profiles, blocs, plates of sheets can be machined. See below list of the most common plastics machined by our factories.

Why producting plastic parts by machining ?

-Simple machining (cut / drilling / bending) from plates, sheets or profiles.

-Specific shapes not eastilly done by injection (several thickness of material on the same part).

Low quantities

Plastic machined parts provided by AGCIS: