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Lost wax investment casting, also called water glass investment casting is a rather labor intensive process with difficult working conditions. We are offering lost wax casting components subcontracting from China, you’ll enjoy very competitive development and manufacturing costs while relying on our quality guaranty.

Our capacities in lost wax investment casting

  • Parts from hundredth grams to 100kg
  • Available materials :
    • Carbon steels
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminium and non ferrous metals
  • Surface treatment solutions
  • 3-4 axis machining centers
  • Custom packing

What is low wax investment casting?

Lost wax casting is a process that enables to produce metal parts by pouring liquid metals into molds that are created around a wax made reference part.

Different stages of lost wax casting :

  1. Manufacturing of the wax pattern part
  2. Assembly of wax patterns trees, hanged from supports
  3. Coating of the trees with thick layer of refractory material (investment material) in order to create several “molds”
  4. Wax melting and removing from the refractory material in order to create molds cavities
  5. Pouring of melted metal in heated molds
  6. « Molds » destruction and recovery of the metal parts
  7. Metal parts are separated by cutting from the parts trees.
  8. Parts finishing (sand blasting, deburing, machining, treatements)

Lost wax casting advantages

  • – Possibility of casting very complex parts
  • – Very good surface aspect (can reach Ra6,3-3,2)
  • – Precision parts in the order of tenth of a millimeter

Lost wax casting disadvantages

  • – Taking into consideration the numerous operations needed for lost wax investment casting the process can be costly and needy in worker count.
  • – Manufacturing process longer than the other casting methods.
  • – Difficulties in casting big parts or parts with complex cavities.