Small quantity injection

What are the solution for plastic injection for small quantities ?

1- Injection/plastic casting in silicone molds (RIM / resin casting)

For which kind of applications ?

Very quick solution (few days) and very competitive it enables injection of plastic prototypes in PU (Polyurethane) of all colors and with very wide range of hardness and surface texture. Transparent plastic parts can also be molded and manually polished

How does it works ?

A reference part is created which enable the realization of the resin/silicone mold. The mold will then be used for the injection of up to several tens PU parts. PU parts are then stabilized in an oven, and manual finishing can be conducted according to specifications.

2- Injection in quick aluminum molds

Quick aluminum molds for which applications ?

The solution of plastic injection in aluminum molds is favored for it’s quick (several days) lead time for mold manufacturing and relative low cost of molds compare to normal injection molds. Applications are for small series of plastic parts (from several tens to several hundreds according to their size) with limited lifespan. (max lifetime of molds : 2 years and/or several thousand parts)

How does it works ?

The mold is quick machined in an aluminum block. Easiness of machining of the aluminum is the reason the molds are quick to be finished and therefore relatively competitive. Plastic partss are then directly injected in the mold on injection presses.