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Subcontracting plastic injection parts rather invariably leads to high investment in tooling which may impact your project viability from the start. That is why we offer very low tooling costs to our customers, while keeping high competitiveness of injection costs.

Quality control ensures us to minimize give away, therefore enabling us to guaranty the success of your plastic injection subcontracting both in terms of limited pricing and meeting your quality specifications.

Based in Shanghai, China, AGC is your ideal supplier for your manufacturing of plastic components

The plastic subcontracting solutions we offer:

– Low cost (tooling / parts injection)

– Flexibility (Quick delivery, accept limited quantities orders

– Experience (providing plastic injection parts from China since 2000)

– Large panel of thermoplastics available:

Acronym Name(s) Comments
ABS Acrylonittrile butadiene styrene Widely used in injection, low cost
ABS/PC Mix of ABS + PC Cheaper alternative to PC, tougher than ABS
PA(6/66) Nylon, Polyamide High T° resistance, often glass fiber/beads reinforced
PC Polycarbonate (Lexan, Makrolon) Easy to inject, tough material, contain bisphenol A
PE Polyethylene Different densities from LDPE to HDPE, easy recycling
PEEK Polyetheretherketone Resistant to abrasion, low flamability
POM Polyoxymethylene Precision parts, high stiffness
PMMA Poly(methyl methacrylate), (acrylic, plexiglass) Good optical properties
PP Polypropylene Recyclable, easy to inject, sensitive to UV
PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide Resist aggressive environment, need high T° for injection
PS Polystyrene Low density, slow biodegradation

– Legal conformity (UL V0 / V1 / H1, Rohs, Reach)

– Expertise (Overmolding, assemblies)

Our quality:

– Color stability over the time (specific RAL/ Pantone references available)

– Taking care of usual quality issue of plastics from the mold design stage and injection parameters : Melt lines, breaks, uncomplete parts, white marks, deburring

– Doped materials: UV resistant plastics, Glass fiber, Glass beads plastics, high thermal and electric conductivity plastics