AGC, the solution for companies subcontracting in China

AGC responds to Small and medium enterprises (SMEs’) needs, providing reliable subcontracting and purchasing support from China.

Founded during the year 2000 in Namur, Belgium, AGC relocated its operational headquarters to Shanghai in 2004 to be closer to production lines, increase its network of reliable suppliers, and offer more competitive solutions for the manufacturing of mechanical, and plastic parts.

In 2010, AGC acquired the French optical company Sinoptix in order to expand its offer into the optics and glass industry, providing quality optics and glass components from China under the brand name Sinoptix. (AGC group)

During the same year, AGC developed Sinoptix Distribution, a solution for supporting Western high-technology companies distribute their products in China. AGCs network and database of suppliers in China within, the optics and glass industry, mechanical industry, plastic industry, and electronics industry allows us to successfully support clients distribution project in China.

Today, AGC is one of the oldest wholly foreign-owned enterprises in China that offers subcontracting and purchasing support from China.

Our extensive network and experience allows us to successfully provide manufacturing solutions related to mechanical, plastic, and other components, ensuring quality, lead times, and, of course, cost performance.

AGC is your best partner for technical solutions in China

The team

Understanding clients needs is crucial, which is why AGC combines a multicultural and multilingual team of Chinese and foreign engineers and professionals to avoid misunderstanding and ensure technical expertise, transparency, and reactivity.

Our factories

Over 20 years’ experience in China means AGC has established a network of over 80 active and compliant Factories in various industries, allowing your company access to production capabilities even if your quantities are limited.

Quality Control

Quality is key for sustainability; it requires experience, organization, and clarity. AGC-trained technicians provide on-spot and in-house quality assessments, ensuring production meets your requirements for a trouble-free supply chain management.