Electronic connectors

We are providing custom electronic connectors that match your requirements in quality, aspect, norms and quantities. Our products range include all standard connectors (USB, RJ45, HDMI, Jacks) and specific custom made PCBA connectors.

You’ll find below some examples of connectors, as supplied by AGC to its customers.

Connectors manufacturing solutions

  standard connectors

Below is the list (but not limited too) our connectors range, both available for male & female:

– Registered Jack connectors ( RJ series : RJ45, RJA1, RJ18, RJ33 etc..)
– ¼” Jacks (TS & TRS) with tin or gold coating, TRS headphone jacks
– RCA Jacks
– EIAJ Jacks
– Blade connectors
– USB connectors
– HDMI, mini HDMI connetors
– BNC connetors
– Armored connetors
– Other connetors
Remark : Send us on our contact online form your detailed request we will come back to you within 24h.

  Cabled connectors

All our connectors can be provided cabled, for more details about our cable offer, please connectect to the cable page or send us detailed request.

  Custom connectors

AGC is your ideal partner for custom manufacturing of your own designed connetors. Looking forward receiving your request.

– Fine metal sheet connectors
– Machined connectors
– Board to board connectors
– Overmolded connectors
– Localisation of your current connectors