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Sand casting or silica sol casting is an ancient casting process that has been constantly modernized, it allows the manufacturing of rather simple parts in virtually all kind of metal. Sand molding is a labor intensive process with difficult working conditions. We are offering sand casting parts subcontracting from China, you’ll enjoy very competitive manufacturing costs while relying on our quality guaranty.

Our capacities in sand casting

  • The technology used is green sand casting
  • We can provide parts from several hundredth grams to a ton
  • Manual and automatic lines are available
  • Possibility of adding cores in the molds
  • Proposed materials :
    • Carbon steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminium and non ferrous metals>/li>
  • Surface treatment solutions
  • 3 & 4 axis machining centers
  • Assembly possibilities

What is sand casting / green sand casting?

Sand casting is a process enabling the manufacturing of metal parts by pouring of melted metal in a mold composed of sand, clay and catalysts. Molds are to be destroyed during the process, they are therefore non-permanent.

Sand casting manufacturing stages:

  1. Steel, resin or wood pattern realization.
  2. Forming of the upper and lower parts of the sand mold around the pattern.
  3. Hardening and bonding of the sand
  4. Melted metal pouring in the mold cavity
  5. Recovering of the metal part by destroying the mold
  6. Eventual heat treatment
  7. Parts finishing (blasting, deburring, machining, treatment)

Sand casting advantages

  • – Relative quick production setting up compare to other casting process
  • – Can be virtually used for all metals
  • – Low Tooling / setting up costs

Sand casting disadvantages

  • – Sand mold fallings may impact the shape of the parts
  • – Presence of (small) draft angle necessary for the pattern safe removal after mold shaping
  • – Limited in the complexity of the parts