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How to choose a Chinese supplier ?

Since 2010, China is the world’s main manufacturing hub. Almost all manufactured parts are made with components at least partially produced in China. The fact that so many companies do work with Chinese suppliers doesn’t make it easier to identify reliable ones. Is China still a good place to buy from ? Cost of manufacturing […]

Incoterm: What do you need to know?

How to use International Commerce Terms (Incoterms)? You just got an offer from a supplier based abroad. And the transportation conditions mention DAP, DDP, EXW… or similar terms? What does that mean, and how to deal with it? What are the Incoterms? Suppose your company trades internationally or ships or receives shipments from an overseas […]

Following COVID19, are companies in China resuming work?

Following the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese new year holidays have been extended throughout China. After more than two weeks of almost zero production, what is the current status? In AGC, as our offices are located in Shanghai, following local rules, today Monday the 10th of February is the official return to work day. But it is […]