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Metal sheets components are often used as support (electronics, lighting, equipments, machines) and are not part of our customers high value core competencies.

– Parts in all available materials : Stainless steel, aluminium, CRS, aluzinc, copper, plastic (Mylar, Formex)

– Diverse surface treatment solutions : painting, textured painting, zinc-coating, Alodine, Surtec, tin coating

– Report for each expedition from our quality control technicians

Metal sheet working operations chart:

Action Equipement Détail
Bending Bending press Enables metal sheet bending with a define angle and internal radius
Punching Punching press / NC punching press Can do cutting, marking or perforation of the metal sheets.
Stamping Stamping press Shape a metal sheet by stamping a tooling with high pressure
Welding Manual or welding robot Permit assembly of different metal sheet parts and the adding of inserts or other components
Paint Painting line Cleaning, degreasing, painting and drying
Assembly Manual, screwing devices, stamping Assembly of different components to form a complex product
Cutting Laser, water jet, punching or presse The choice of the machine depend on the material, it’s thickness and the quality of the edge required after cutting

Packing and Logistics

– In order to guaranty the best surface aspect we offer individual packages, compartmented cartons / boxes and the possibility to have a protection film on the critical cosmetic surfaces.

– Shipments are from China to worldwide destinations, mainly by maritime freight, starting from a minimum of 1 pallet

Our quality guaranty

– Quality control report for each shipment

– Specific care given to usual issues on metal sheet components: edge rust protection, surface aspect, thread testing, deburring

– Upstream check of raw material, tracability