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Looking for the ideal partner for permanent mold gravity casting ? With 20 years of experience of casting from China, AGC offers the perfect solution with affordable tooling, low casting costs and very competitive finishing (deburring, machining, surface treatment, packing)

Permanent mold gravity casting enables you to optimize your production costs for precise parts with small and middle sized series. We are manufacturing your parts in China in order to provide you with the most competitive pricing while keeping a quality guaranty on your products. Send us your parts details, we will quickly come back to you with an offer including mold, parts and logistics costs to your place.

Our capacities in permanent mold gravity casting

  • Parts from hundredth of grams to several thenth kilograms
  • Available materials :
    • Aluminum
    • Magnesium
    • Zamak
  • Anodisation
  • 3 and 4 axis machining centers
  • Assembly possiblity

What is permanent mold casting ?

Permanent mold gravity casting is a process of pouring melted metals in a steel mold. By cooling down the metal will go back to a solid state matching the mold inner cavity shape. It is possible to add cores or pins in order to realise and shape emply areas inside the part. The pouring can be made manually or automatically from the top of the mold. Mold is then open for the extraction of the part. It is important to notice that die dressing is added inside the tooling in order to facilitate part extraction.

This process is popular for industrial to hardware usage.

Advantages of permanent mold gravity casting

  • – Permanent mold gravity casting need much less capital investment than high pressure die casting both in tooling and equipment costs.
  • – Permanent molds enables a better repeatability than sand casting or lost-wax casting, production rates are also higher.
  • – Better surface aspect and better precision than other gravity casting methods.
  • – Mold being in metal there is a better thermal conductivity than sand or wax dies, therefore cooling is quicker and more even.

Permanent mold gravity casting disavantages

  • – Tooling costs higher than sand or lost-wax casting
  • – Jointing line to debur
  • – Need further heat treament to release parts internal stress