PCBA – Assembled electronic boards

We are providing custom PCBA that match your requirements in quality, aspect, norms and quantities. Our products range include SMT (Surface Mont Technology) and through holes assemblies.

Contact us if you have any needs for custom manufacturing of PCBA.

You’ll find below some examples of PCBA, as supplied by AGC to its customers.

EMS services

  Printed Circuit Board offer

AGC offers a wide range of Print Circuit Board, below you’ll find some key possibilities :

– Single sided
– Double sided
– Aluminium boards
– Plastic (FR1/XPC/FR4/CEM1/CEM3 board)
– Multilayer boards (up to 50 layers)
– Flex PCB
– HDI (High Density)
– Rigid / Rigid-Flex
– Board size : from mm to 500x500mm

  PCB Assembly capabilities

Our capabilities include most common solutions that enable us to quote up to 95% of our customer’s projects. Based on SMT/ SMD (Surface Mounted Technology /Device) and throughole assembly we are able to work with electronic components size down to 01005 on Rohs wave soldering lines or manual assembly lines. In case of protection needs of your boards against elements (dust, water – IP67/IP68) we offer PCBA varnishing and potting. Based on our strong mechanical experience, you can rely on us for the full assembly of your final product, we may provide all the casing servicing based on you requirements.

Assembly of PCBA in China is even more interesting ( cost reduction) if you consider a localization of some of the components of your BOM.

  PCBA quality control

– Automated Optical inspection (AOI)
– X-ray soldering inspection
– Rohs spectrometer testing
– 3D solder paste inspection machine
– Functional testing
– IPC-600 /610 visual inspection
– ICT testing
– Burn-in testing